Privacy Policy


We are bound by the National Privacy Provisions. We regulate our activities with respect to personal information collected, stored, used and disclosed by us. In our agency business we use personal information collected from you for the purpose for which it was collected which is to act as your agent and to perform our obligations under our agreement with you.

Automatic Collection of Information

We do not automatically log personal data on our Web site, nor do we link information automatically logged by other means with personal data about specific individuals. We do not use cookies or other like devices.

Data Collection and Purpose Specification

We do not collect any personal or sensitive data from our visitors when they use our online services, except where the visitor initiates this, for example by inquiring or seeking sales and service. We do not collect information about our online visitors from other sources, such as private organizations, public records or bodies for web-visitors. We do not engage in online "spamming" or online mass-outbound marketing activities. We do not release personal information of "data lists" for the purpose of commercial sales.

Our Internet service provider (ISP), the company that owns the Web site server that hosts our Web site, may collect only the domain names and names of referring web sites (not the e-mail addresses of visitors.) The ISP may aggregate information to measure the number of visits, average time spent on that Website and pages viewed, we may use the information to help us improve the operational performance and informational content of our Website.

If you register online or provide personal data to Jeffrey E. McLean & Co. by any means, we may use this information to provide you with specific targeted information about our company and declared partner products and services in support of your needs. We may store email addresses, telephone numbers, personal password, or other access devices so as to personally tailor information to you.

Wherever possible we will collect information directly from you, but information may be collected from government or publicly available records, phone books or data lists or from third parties such as list brokers, who are privacy compliant, we may engage in marketing activities where we do not use personal information, such as letter-box inserts.

Our Web site links

Our Web site does not enable our visitors to post information to be accessed by others or to communicate with other visitors. Our Web site may include links to third party Web service providers, for the purposes of with displaying 'clients reference sites', or of providing related service and product information for partner services providers we believe to be of interest and use to individually targeted clients and prospects. Whilst it is a Jeffrey E. McLean & Co. condition of partnering with all partner service providers that they in turn satisfy the same minimum privacy compliance standards, Jeffrey E. McLean & Co. cannot be responsible for their contact, or privacy policies or practices.

Privacy Compliance 

Our privacy policy is compliant with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000. If you have any enquiry, feedback comment or concern about our privacy policy, or wish to verify or access your personal information held by us, please contact:

Name/designation: The Principal
Address: 58 Beetham Parade, Rosanna, 3184
Phone Number: 03 9459 6699
Fax Number: 03 9455 2477
Email address

Legal Notice

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General information only

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Jeffrey E. McLean & Co. assumes no responsibility for the condition or content of third party web sites that may be linked to or accessed from the Web Site Jeffrey E. McLean & Co.excludes all liability for any loss, damage, claim, expense, cost (including legal costs) or liability whatsoever arising from or referable to the condition or content of third party web sites that may be linked to or accessed from the Web Site.